The Incorporated Trustees of the Welfare Peace and Universal Human Rights Initiative (WEPAUHRI) was founded in the year 2009 in the heat of the oppressive atmosphere of lack of peace, welfare and abuses of Human Rights then prevalent all over the Country. It is Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja under Part C of the Decree establishing the Commission with CAC/IT/NO 51006.  

WEPAUHRI is a Nigerian based international humanitarian and human rights organization committed lighting lack of peace and welfare and all forms of human rights abuses be it political, religious, gender, social, economic, ethnic or tribal and dedicated to creating an enabling environment for Nigerians and the world at large to live peacefully and harmoniously in an environment freed from lack of peace, welfare and human rights abuses, it aims at promoting and enforcing the rights of all who suffer lack of peace, welfare and human rights abuses through her dogged activism, judicial, public enlightment, social education and mobilization for positive action.

WEPAUHRI is empowered by the statute establishing her to promote, protect and develop all issues relating the preservation, protection and development of Fundamental Human Rights as provided for under the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Africa Charter on Human and people’s Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all such other Bills of Rights which Nigeria is signatory.

The Mandate of WEPAUHRI is to use her dogged campaign to plant, build and maintain in Nigeria, Africa and beyond with peace, unity co-operation, welfare, and social development, natural loves that count no error showing of mercy to everybody and also to declare rights as rights and wrongs as wrongs. The functions of Wepauhri include but are not limited to the following:

1. To investigate and monitor all allege cases of human rights violation, lack of peace and welfare both in Nigeria and elsewhere and channel such cases to appropriate quarters and authorities for redress as the circumstances may require.

2. To assist victims of human rights violation and abuses, in obtaining or securing appropriate remedies and legal redress.

3. To undertake studies and research on matters pertaining Human Rights Education and the enlightenment of the civil society on making meaningful contributions towards the formulation of government policies for positive effect for the guarantee of fundamental human rights.

4. To mobilize the civil society to wake up to their civil responsibilities in fighting all forms of lack of peace welfare, and human rights abuses weather by government or governmental agencies, corporate organizations, individual or groups of individuals and to encourage all Nigerians, Africans and beyond to live peaceably and harmoniously.

5. To liase, co-operate and join forces with government at the local, State and Federal Levels, as well as international Human Rights Organization for purposes of advancing the protection and promotion of human rights peace and welfare and social development.

6. To sponsor, organize and hold seminars, workshops and conferences on issues of human rights, maintaining peace, welfare and social development both locally and internationally for public enlightenment.

7. To sponsor, organize and participate in activities relating to the protection and promotion of Human rights, Peace and Welfare at both local and international levels.

8. To obtain and retain assistance from governments, philanthropists, international donors, agencies, embassies, high commissions, religious bodies both within and outside Nigeria for purposes of carrying out the functions of WEPAUHRI.

9. To run a library collate data and disseminate information and materials on welfare, peace and Human Rights and to carry out all such other functions as are necessary and expedient for the proper performance of any or all the functions listed under the mandate of Welfare, Peace and Universal Human Rights Initiative (WEPAUHRI).

10. To organize and hold public rallies and enlightenment campaigns for purposes of educating the general public to maintain peace, care for others and know their rights and allow others to have their rights.

11. To organize and run campaign against HIV/AIDS, Ebola and other related diseases.


WEPAUHRI is an organization that is geared towards the protection and preservation of your peace, welfare and rights as a citizen. WEPAUHRI takes care of your rights as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the various treaties on Human Rights to which Nigeria is signatory. These Fundamental Human Rights accrue to you by virtue of your existence as a human being and are inalienable. These rights covered by the activities and mandate of Wepauhri provided for under chapter IV of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and are as follows:

Section 33 - Rights to life
Section 34 - Rights to dignity of the human person
Section 35 - Rights to personal liberty
Section 36 - Rights to fair hearing
Section 37 - Rights to private and family life
Section 38 - Rights to freedom of thought, conscience and Religion
Section 39 - Rights to freedom of expression and the press
Section 40 - Rights to peaceful assembly and association
Section 41 - Rights to freedom from discrimination
Section 42 - Rights to freedom of movement
Section 43 - Rights to acquire and own immovable property anywhere in Nigeria.

WEPAUHRI derives its name and mandate directly from section 40 of the constitution which provides that no citizen of Nigeria shall suffer any form of denial of peacefully Assembly or Association on account of his ethnic group, place of origin, sex, religion or political opinion.
WEPAUHRI fights all forms of lack of peace, welfare, human rights and other abuses resulting inhuman treatment.


The activities of WEPAUHRI are basically broadly divided into three points.

Point 1: In pursuing of the above, we wepauhri deals with all matters and issues relating to the promotion and protection of the rights of the citizen and foreigners as provided for the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, and other international bills of rights to which Nigeria is signatory.

WEPAUHRI receives complaints from victims of these abuses and after investigating such cases, will either dismiss them as frivorious or unfounded or where such cases are found to have substance, move at once to obtain redress and remedies for such deserving victims or take the matter to appropriate quarter or security that has authority to force power upon bandit.
WEPAUHRI have attended to a lot of cases and are ready to attend to cases from victims as reported to her from any level of person or Persons, Towns, States, Country and Continent and beyond.

Point 2: Mass Mobilization and Public Enlightenment in recognition of the efficacy of education and mass enlightenment, especially in the area of education as an instrument for mass empowerment WEPAUHRI embarks on programmes of educating the citizenry to plant, build and maintain peace and proper good relationship with the government. WEPAUHRI carries out this mass education and enlightenment through symposium seminars, workshops, conference and public enlightenment campaigns.


All complaints must be addressed to the president of WEPAUHRI. Complaints may be made in writing or presented orally at the national headquarters or at the nearest office or centers of WEPAUHRI by the place where the complaint comes from or Report to any member of the organization. Every written complaint must bear the full particulars of the complainant and be signed by the complainant or his agent. Alternatively, it must be thumb printed. It must equally contain the full particulars of the act complained of and the person, group of persons or institution complained of, the language must be courteous and non-abusive. Where a complaint is made orally, the officer to whom it is made at any office of WEPAUHRI must immediately reduce it into writing and have it endorsed by the complainant or his agent.

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Education is empowerment. WEPAUHRI because of her belief in the importance of education has designed and articulated a plan of action aimed at educating and informing the citizen of their human rights, civic duties and responsibilities. WEPAUHRI has subsequently planned mass education and enlightenment. The overall aim is to sensitize our citizenry on their civic rights and responsibilities and get them to abhor and stop acts of peace disturbances and to care for another; the people also will be educated to be securities and life conscious of other people and to assist security agencies.

POINT 3A: WEPAUHRI, through her welfare department shall continuously visiting hospitals, prisons, police cells, healing homes, motherless babies homes and orphanage homes, schools of the blind and homeless people, deformed persons, less privileged to clap it all people with disabilities and to advise and assist them financially, materially and other wise. (WEPAUHRI) must every year fulfill her obligation lined up workshops, seminars and mass enlightenment campaigns and conferences to be held at the local government, state and federal levels in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

POINT 3B: WEPAUHRI SPECIAL PROJECT Besides monitoring the Human rights situation in Nigeria, Africa and Worldwide by providing redress and succor to victims of abuses of human rights and acts of peace disturbance WEPAUHRI has some ongoing special projects.

The first of this, is campaign against HIV/AIDS, Ebola and other Diseases, caring for prisoners and detainees. In this regard, officials of wepauhri will routinely and constantly visit the Courts, Prisons, Police Cells and other Detention Centers to render legal and other forms of assistances to the inmates. The wepauhri team of lawyers is always around in the various courts to assist victims in obtaining speedy proceedings where necessary.

The second special project of wepauhri is in the area of Children’s Rights. Children represent the future and wepauhri has a special stake in promoting, protecting and enhancing the rights of the little ones. Children are special breed and their needs are unique, although wepauhri strives to promote and protect all children’s in the following categories

A. Children from broken or crisis ridden homes.

B. Children victims early marriages

C. Children with disabilities-mental or physical

D. Children of destitute or insane parents

E. Children whose mothers engage in prostitution

F. Children from poor homes

G. Exploited children engaged in unsuitable work in markets, garages, factories etc.

H. Children under domestic/household employment I. Children who are homeless and living on the streets

J. Children engaged in various forms of begging

K. Displaced children who may be victims of civil war, religious disturbances or natural disasters.

L. Children who are victims of child trafficking.

The above and other categories of children, WEPAUHRI has a special ongoing project to render to them, all forms of assistance necessary for their total rehabilitation so as to enable them to grow into self reliant responsible adults through our welfare department.

WEPAUHRI plans to establish Neighborhood watches to monitor and check the various forms of abuses to which our children are subjected so as to safeguard the good future of these children to whom tomorrow belongs.

The third special project of WEPAUHRI is Welfare for the drivers. We use this medium to get in touch with the drivers and sensitize them the important to know road signs and maintain them. Also to know their medical fit, to advise and assist them.

WEPAUHRI: Fourth Special Project is known as peace, welfare and social development award (PEWASODA) through our award committee, we locate those that acquired our Acronyms in building and maintain peace, caring for others to the core, and those that are well known for social development and award them to encourage them to continue in their good doings and other people to emulate them. We will continue to do this in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. And we install human rights chiefs through award and they are to immediate for peace reconciliation and conflict resolution within local and international.

WEPAUHRI: Fifth Special Project is the student Era-from primary schools to university level, we are to establish units in the schools from primary school to university level and use the units to educate the student to plant, building and maintaining peace, caring for others, promoting, protecting and enhancing the student rights, and the students to be security and life conscious not to involve themselves in any acts of rioting, protest, violent, peace disturbance, robbery, killing, stealing and never engage themselves in battle with any security agency or personnel, for them to grow with it.


Civil societies, presidential villa, state house, presidency, state and local government, agencies and parastatial, ministries, security agencies and associations both international and local. Obviously, the WEPAUHRI has set herself a very wide and all encompassing mandate and in order to fulfill her role effectively, WEPAUHRI must work closely with other sister NGOs and other organizations committed to the cause of justice, building and maintaining peace, welfare and human rights, nationwide and worldwide. WEPAUHRI as an internationally recognized and accepted Human Rights organization that is ready to received invitation to attend conferences abroad and locals, presently has mutual working affiliations and close co-operation with a wide range of like minded bodies spread all across the globe among which are: 1. National human rights commission (NHRC) 2. Nigeria presidency 3. Attorney General of the federation and minister of Justine 4. Edo State Governmentp>


The Wepauhri as an incorporated organization under part C of the Companies and Allied Matters Decree No 1, 1990 has various organs of administration. 1. THE NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: The WEPAUHRI National executive council charged with the responsibility of formulating the policies and programmes of WEPAUHRI. It is headed by the president of WEPAUHRI. The members are elected during Annual National Convention (ANC) of WEPAUHRI after four (4) and are drawn from among the national executive working council (NEWC) and will not continue after two (2) term in office or if found excellent good he or she will be promoted. To board of trustee, patron/ matron, or honorary member where he or she will continue for life with WEPAUHRI. The national executive working council (NEWC) are comprises of national executive council (NEC) with board of directors (BOD) headed by the president also. The (NEWC) works for the progress of WEPAUHRI local and internationally and also will supervise the unit of WEPAUHRI in the universities in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. 2. THE STATE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL (SEC) The state executive council is headed by the state chairman and the state executive council works together with the state supervisors and the both are known as state executive working council (SEWC) they works for the affairs and progress of the organization in the state. 3. THE UNIT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL (UEC) REPRESENTING WEPAUHRI IN THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT The unit executive council is headed by the unit head and the unit executive council works together with the unit inspectors and the both are known as unit executive working council (UEWC) they works for the affairs and progress of the organization in the local government the UEWC will supervise the unit of WEPAUHRI in all the primary schools in their local government. 4. THE SCHOOL UNIT: The school unit is headed by the unit leader in the school and will constitute the executive as he or she can be able to constitute but the executive will not exceed 9 members, the executive and the members are known and call wepauhri peace mediators. The executive are the leader, assistant leader, secretary, assistant Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer and P.R.O, coordinator and the executives and the members of the unit in any school, must be credible students very gentle and God fearing students very humble and sincere and will always obey the authorities of the school and the country. Also will not involved in any act of riots or protest but will report any illegal matter in the school to the unit, state, or national level for redress and for peace to reign, may also report or write to the police or other security agencies for peace maintenance.

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The WEPAUHRI Secretariat is headed by the president who is equally the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of wepauhri; the secretariat is at the head office of the organization Located at Suite 223 Ndola Crescent Opp. Former (CAC) Ambeez Plaza 2nd Floor Wuse Zone 5 Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa.

The secretariat has at present functional departments namely:

1. Administration and Finance

2. Democracy and Good Governance

3. Legal Department

4. Human Rights Recovering and Education

5. Citizen Participation/Enhancement Programs

6. Litigation and Law Enforcement

7. Women and Children’s Rights

8. Programmes and Policy Formulations

9. International Relations Unit

10. Mobilization and Enlightenment Unit.

11. Welfare

12. Monitoring and Rescuing

13. Coordinating


1. National Secretariat WEPAUHRI Suit 223 Ndola Crescent Opp. Former (CAC) Ambeez Plaza, 2nd Floor Wuse Zone 5, Abuja-Nigeria, West Africa in the World.

2. Nigerian presidency

3. National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Plot 800, Blantyre Street, Wuse II, Abuja.

4. Attorney General of the Federation and Ministry of Justice


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